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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, establishing a strong brand presence online has become more crucial than ever. The journey of BEANN, a burgeoning specialty coffee brand, serves as an exemplary case of how meticulous concept development, strategic branding, and innovative website development can coalesce to carve out a distinct niche in a saturated market. This case study delves into the nuanced processes behind BEANN's transformation from a mere concept into a flourishing brand that resonates with coffee aficionados around the globe. It highlights the pivotal role of cohesive branding and a user-centric online presence in captivating and expanding a dedicated customer base.


Project Overview

Client: BEANN
Industry: Specialty Coffee
Project Goal: To establish BEANN as a premier specialty coffee brand, with a strong emphasis on ethically sourced coffee, by developing a distinctive brand identity and launching an engaging, e-commerce-enabled website that resonates with coffee enthusiasts and encourages online sales.

Screen Shots

Beann coffee landing page website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency
Beann coffee label design page website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency
Beann coffee beans ground coffee and coffee subscriptions website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency
Beann coffee packs website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency
Beann coffee ethical speciality coffee roasters website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency
Beann coffee faq website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency

Product Range

Finely Ground Espresso Blends

For those in pursuit of the deep, intense flavours synonymous with traditional espresso, BEANN's array of finely ground espresso blends is unparalleled. Each blend is meticulously crafted, amalgamating beans from diverse origins to forge complex flavour profiles that cater to both the espresso aficionado and the explorer.

Unique Single-Origin Coffee Beans

The single-origin coffee beans from BEANN serve as a testament to the unique characteristics imparted by different cultivation regions across the globe. These offerings provide a glimpse into the vast world of coffee, with each bean narrating the tale of its provenance through distinct taste notes – be they fruity and floral or nutty and earthy.

Project Phases

Concept Development Challenge

Entering a crowded marketplace with a product that stands out for both its quality and ethical sourcing practices.

Concept Development Approach

  • Market Research: Conducted to understand consumer preferences and identify gaps in the market.

  • Value Proposition Definition: Focused on ethically sourced, premium coffee that appeals to both connoisseurs and ethical consumers.

  • Target Audience Identification: Defined as environmentally conscious coffee drinkers who value taste and provenance equally.

Branding Challenge

Creating a brand identity that communicates luxury, ethics, and passion for coffee.

Branding Approach

  • Brand Storytelling: Developed a narrative emphasizing the journey from bean to cup, highlighting ethical sourcing and artisanal roasting.

  • Visual Identity Creation: Designed a logo and chose a color palette that reflected sophistication and sustainability. This included packaging, promotional materials, and social media templates.

  • Brand Voice Establishment: Crafted messaging that resonated with the target audience's values and preferences, ensuring consistency across all communications.

Website Development Challenge

Designing and developing an engaging, informative, and seamless e-commerce website.

Website Development Approach

  • User Experience (UX) Design: Focused on creating an intuitive navigation structure that made exploring products and purchasing straightforward.

  • Responsive Design: Ensured the website was accessible and provided an optimal viewing experience across all devices.

  • Content Strategy: Implemented to educate visitors about specialty coffee, the importance of ethical sourcing, and the stories behind each blend or single-origin offering.

  • E-commerce Integration: Incorporated a secure and user-friendly shopping cart and checkout process, along with clear product descriptions and high-quality images.

Challenges and Solutions

Diverse Audience Engagement Solution

By using targeted marketing strategies, including SEO and social media marketing focused on different segments of the target audience, BEANN managed to engage both coffee aficionados and those new to specialty coffee.

Educating Consumers Solution

Developed an extensive blog and FAQ section on the website addressing common questions about coffee sourcing, preparation, and flavours, helping to position BEANN as a thought leader in the coffee industry.

The BEANN Experience

Opting for BEANN signifies embarking on an exploration through the realms of speciality coffee. Whether it’s the robust intensity of a finely ground espresso blend or the nuanced flavours of a single-origin bean, BEANN guarantees a coffee experience that is both indulgent and ethically conscious.

Immerse yourself in the velvety richness of BEANN's coffee collection and indulge in a brew that not only satiates the senses but also honours the planet and its inhabitants.

Beann coffee branding design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency


The development of BEANN from concept through branding to website creation exemplifies how strategic planning, creative branding, and technological know-how can create a compelling market entry. This case study underscores the importance of cohesive brand identity and strategic online presence in creating and launching a new brand in today's digital age.


What is the concept behind BEANN coffee?

BEANN coffee is centred around offering ethically sourced, specialty coffee that delivers exceptional flavours and a unique coffee experience. BEANN's focus is on sustainability, quality, and craftsmanship, ensuring each cup is memorable.

How does BEANN ensure its coffee is ethically sourced?

BEANN partners with sustainable farms and participates in fair trade practices to ensure that our coffee is ethically sourced. BEANN's commitment extends to supporting communities and preserving the environment.

What makes BEANN coffee unique?

BEANN stands out for its dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. BEANN's specialty coffees are crafted with expertise, offering a range of exceptional flavours from unique origins.

How does BEANN engage with its customers?

BEANN engages customers through educational content on coffee brewing, sharing stories about coffee origins, and collaborating with artists for limited-edition offerings. BEANN also offers personalised coffee subscriptions and prioritise customer feedback.

Can customers purchase BEANN coffee online?

Yes, customers can purchase BEANN's specialty coffees through the website. BEANN offers a selection of espresso blends, single-origin filter coffees, and various brewing options. Fast UK shipping ensures fresh delivery.

Does the website offer a subscription service?

Yes, the website features coffee subscriptions to ensure you never run out of your favourite blend. Customers can choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions with options tailored to different preferences.

How can I learn more about the flavours and origins of BEANN's coffees?

The website provides detailed descriptions of each coffee blend, including flavours and origins. BEANN believes in transparency and aims to help customers make informed choices. Brewing tips are also shared to enhance your coffee experience.

What if I have more questions or need assistance?

The website includes a 'Contact' section for inquiries and support. BEANN values customer feedback and is dedicated to assisting with any questions regarding our products or services.

Are there any collaborations with artists?

Yes, the brand features limited edition collaborations with artists, bringing unique and creative perspectives to BEANN's coffee packaging and enhancing the overall experience.

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