Castle Combe : Website Design Case Study

Crafting a digital gateway to England's storybook village

Castle combe england online magazine website design - photo unsplash | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency

This initiative, led by Bath Marketing Agency, aimed to transcend traditional website development by capturing Castle Combe's historical allure and natural beauty in a digital format. Our mission was twofold: to provide a comprehensive online guide for potential visitors and to offer a virtual glimpse of the village for those unable to visit. Through enhancing user experience, engaging content, and social media integration, we sought to elevate Castle Combe's online presence, making it a beacon for tourists and film enthusiasts alike. This project required a blend of innovative web design, strategic content creation, and search engine optimisation, all aimed at mirroring the enchanting experience of visiting Castle Combe and securing its status as a global must-visit destination.


Project Overview

Industry: Media and Tourism
Project Goal: The project involved the complete redesign and development of the Castle Combe England website, an online platform aimed at promoting the picturesque village of Castle Combe in the Cotswolds. The primary goal was to showcase the village's charm, historical significance, and offerings to tourists and film enthusiasts worldwide.

Target Audience

  • Tourists planning a visit to the Cotswolds area.

  • Historical and nature enthusiasts.

  • Event organizers and participants looking into Castle Combe Circuit events.

  • Potential guests for accommodations within the village.


Enhance User Experience

Create a user-friendly interface that makes navigating through the site's content intuitive.

Visual Appeal

Use high-quality images and a design that reflects the village's aesthetics to captivate visitors.

Content Organisation

Structure the website to highlight key attractions—Castle Combe Circuit, Manor House Hotel, and local walks.


Increase visitor engagement through interactive elements and social media integration.

SEO Optimisation

Improve the site's visibility on search engines to attract more visitors.

Screen Shots

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castle combe a brief history website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency
castle combe latest news website design | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency
castle combe website design footer | best digital marketing - London, Bristol and Bath marketing agency

Project Phases

  1. Discovery and Planning: Gather requirements, research target audience needs, and define project scope.

  2. Design Mockups: Create visual mockups for key pages, including home, about us, accommodation, events calendar, and contact page.

  3. Development: Build the website using responsive web design technologies. Implement features such as maps and event management system.

  4. Testing: Conduct thorough testing for functionality, usability, and accessibility across different devices and browsers.

  5. Launch and Promotion: Deploy the website and promote it through social media channels and local tourism networks.

  6. Maintenance and Updates: Regularly update the site with new content, events, and features based on user feedback and analytics insights.

Strategy & Execution

Design Phase

The design phase focused on creating a layout that mirrors the quaint and tranquil vibe of Castle Combe. A color palette inspired by the village's natural scenery and stone cottages was selected. The website was structured into main sections: Village, Circuit, and About Us, to provide easy access to information.

Development Phase

The website was developed using responsive web design techniques to ensure an optimal viewing experience across various devices. Special attention was given to loading times and mobile responsiveness to cater to users on-the-go.

Content Creation

Content was crafted to narrate the story of Castle Combe, highlighting its history, beauty, and cultural significance. This included detailed pages on the Manor House Hotel, local pubs, and the historical circuit. SEO best practices were applied to all content to enhance search engine rankings.

Social Media Integration

The website features integration with Instagram (@CastleCombeEngland) to allow sharing of visuals and experiences from visitors, fostering a community of enthusiasts.


  • Improved website traffic by 40% within the first three months post-launch.

  • Increased engagement rates, with visitors spending an average of 50% more time on the site.

  • Enhanced visibility in search engine results for keywords related to Castle Combe and its attractions.

  • Positive feedback on the website's design and usability from users and stakeholders.


The Castle Combe website is dedicated to presenting the beauty and history of the "Prettiest Village in England" online. Through blending its historical charm with modern functionality, the website aims to draw in and educate visitors from all over the world. Emphasising user experience, captivating content, and interactive elements, the site not only promotes Castle Combe but also contributes to the local community by increasing tourism. With a focus on ongoing enhancements, the project will continue to be a valuable platform, encouraging people to discover and admire Castle Combe's distinctive charm.


What makes Castle Combe known as the "Prettiest Village in England"?

Castle Combe is celebrated for its picturesque stone cottages, historical buildings, lush countryside, and the tranquil atmosphere that pervades its streets. Its charm and beauty have earned it this esteemed title among locals and visitors alike.

Can I stay overnight in Castle Combe?

Yes, visitors can stay overnight at the Manor House Hotel, a luxurious and historic hotel located in the heart of the village. There are also other accommodation options available to suit different tastes and budgets.

What activities can I do in Castle Combe?

Castle Combe offers a variety of activities including exploring nature trails, visiting St. Andrew's Church, attending events at the Castle Combe Circuit, and enjoying local cuisine at village pubs.

What is the Castle Combe Autumn Classic?

The Castle Combe Autumn Classic is an annual event celebrating historic racing cars. It features a range of classic car races, displays, and other attractions for car enthusiasts and families alike.

How can I stay updated on events happening in Castle Combe?

You can stay updated by subscribing to the newsletter through the website. Also, follow us on Instagram @CastleCombeEngland for the latest news and event announcements.

How do I get to Castle Combe?

Castle Combe is located in the Cotswolds, near Bath. It can be reached by car, with parking available in the village. For public transport options, including trains and buses from nearby cities, please refer to the "Getting Here" section of the website.

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